LED Lighting – General Illumination

Warm / Cool

Since its invention, the incandescent light bulb has become one of the most widely used light sources the world over. However, with the onset of global warming, governments all over the world have started banning the incandescent technology as it is not energyefficient. Q-RAY™ LED bulb provides a perfect solution. Using the same form factor as the light bulb, Q-RAY™ LED Bulb is a direct replacement for the incandescent bulb. This energy saving eye-candy, just like any conventional bulb, is powered by 240VAC. Aside from ease of use, our Q-RAY™ LED bulb is long lasting and saves up to 80% energy as compared to incandescent light bulb.

The incandescent bulb is one of the most versatile lighting product and is used in many applications. Q-RAY™ LED Bulb is a perfect and direct replacement, allowing you to use your existing fixture. With up to 80% energy savings as compared to the incandescent bulb, Q-RAY™ LED Bulb not only helps you to reduce your energy consumption but also reduces your carbon footprint to protect the environment.

With wide adoption of the conventional incandescent bulb, any change in the design of the LED bulb will cause complications during installation. Our Q-RAY™ Product Team develops products with ease-of-installation in mind. This design concept means that you do not need to change your existing fixture; making converting to Q-RAY™ LED Bulb as simple as unplugging the old incandescent bulb and plugging in the new Q-RAY™ LED Bulb.

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MR-16 LED Bulb
Halogen Bulb Replacement

Conventional MR-16 uses power from 20W to 50W and contribute to global warming. Q-RAY™ MR-16 has found a solution to convert more energy to light, rather than heat, with a fraction of the power consumed.

THE TIME FOR CHANGE IS NOW. Make your contribution to reverse climate change by switching to Q-RAY™ MR-16, with up to 80% energy savings and more than 25x the life span (50K hours vs. 2K hours) as compared to conventional MR-16. Q-RAY™ MR-16 is truly, an "install & forget" lighting solution.

Q-RAY™ LED MR-16 is designed with color maintenance technology, which means that it maintains its color temperature throughout its lifespan. This is in-line with the proposed ENERGY STAR integral LED Lamp program requirements, unlike other brands that may give you different color temperature in different batch purchases or color temperature shifting throughout the product lifespan.

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Desk Lamp

Desk Lamp is the World's first LED Desk Lamp to be ENERGY STAR qualified under its category, and was awarded the Honorable Mention award in the "Lighting for Tomorrow 2008" competition for its light quality.

Utilizing the latest energy-efficient technology for lighting, LED, the Q-RAY™ MP-400 defines true elegence with practical functionality. Its unique design allows you to switch the correlated color temperature (CCT) from 2700K to 3500K, giving you the unique experience in varying the "shade of white" to suit your lighting preference. The color quality complies with ANSI_NEME_ANSLG C78.377-2008, the only standard that defines the CCT of LED in luminaires.

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Downlight Replacement

The Q-RAY™ DownLED is developed to replace the conventional light (Fixture + Ballast + Bulb). Designed as a "Plug-and-play" direct replacement, it operates with Universal AC input.

Switching to Q-RAY™ DownLED means that you are making the choice to conserve our environment by reducing your carbon footprint as Q-RAY™ DownLED saves up to 80% energy and is environmental-friendly. Its simple and elegant design makes it suitable for use in commercial and residential spaces.

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LED Tube
Fluorescent Tube Replacement

The T8 tube is no stranger to households as well as the lighting industry. However, LED technology will slowly replace fluorescent because of an element called mercury that is found in fluorescent tube. Our LED T8 tube is a totally GREEN product, providing energy-savings without any mercury content.

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LED Street Light
Public Lighting

Due to its long life and energy saving values, LED technology is increasingly being used in street and public lighting applications. Compared to the conventional street light, Q-RAY™ LED streetlight will saves up to 60% of energy and significantly reduce light pollution and carbon emissions.

With a high Color Rendering Index (CRI) as compared to conventional HPS streetlight, Q-RAY™ LED streetlight gives better visibility and color clarity for safer driving experience. Q-RAY™ LED Streetlight is designed with color temperature maintenance technology, giving consistent color temperature throughout its lifespan.

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