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PUTRAJAYA, May 17, 2010 - ITRAMAS Technology Sdn. Bhd, Malaysia leading manufacturer of LED (Light Emitting Diode) based lighting products is spreading its wings to Italy to promote the development and marketing of its products and applications to Europe.

ITRAMAS today signed a joint venture agreement with FG Tecnopolo S.p.A. of Italy, enabling ITRAMAS to play a very major role in the green lighting technology sector, not just in Malaysia but globally.

Minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water, Dato Sri Peter Chin Fah Kui witnessed the signing of the agreement at Marriott Putrajaya, here, between Mr Lee Choo Boo, ITRAMAS Group Managing Director/CEO and his FG Tecnopolo counterpart Mr Stefano De Marchis.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, chairman of ITRAMAS Group Datuk Khairuddin Ibrahim said ITRAMAS was proud to be chosen as partner of the FG Group, which has over thirty years of experience in a variety of sectors, including consulting, design, architecture, art, planning, system technology and engineering.

“We believe FG Tecnopolo is ready to apply the acquired global know-how to our products, applications and services,” he said, adding that jointly with FG Tecnopolo, they would develop and market their energy saving and environment friendly LED lighting products and applications to Italy and Europe.

“Clearly, the world is moving towards this direction. We at ITRAMAS would like to share the honour of promoting energy efficiency in Malaysia through our LED lighting technology,” he said.

“As a home-grown company, we would like to play our part in promoting the Government’s vision to make Malaysia a green nation. Indeed our Prime Minister’s declaration to cut carbon intensity in Malaysia by 40% is a bold move, yet achievable through diligent adoption of appropriate mechanisms,” he said.

Datuk Khairuddin said ITRAMAS has more than 10 years experience in the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of LEDs product globally. Currently the company has filed four (4) U.S. & International patents on LEDs in lighting applications. One more patent filing is currently in progress, he said.

“We are also the first and only Malaysian company to have won a U.S. award for LED light quality design, under the category of task lighting in the Lighting for Tomorrow 2008 competition, organised by the U.S. Dept of Energy & American Lighting Association,”he said.

“ITRAMAS has also another feather on its cap when our MP400 desk lamp became the first product in the world to be listed by Energy Star, an agency under the US Department of Energy, in this particular category,” he added.

Mr De Marchis said that his company was looking forward to this collaboration and hoped both companies could expand the development and production of LED applications from street lighting, household and commercial lightings to other bigger applications for huge architecture.

“We will work together with ITRAMAS to design, develop and promote LED lighting applications for bigger architecture projects which we have been undertaking across the globe.” he said,

‘We are confident that we can work together to meet the increasing demand of LED lightings, technology and applications in Italy and Europe. At the same time we will be working hand in hand with ITRAMAS to expand our activities in areas of our expertise to Malaysia and the ASEAN region,’

“We believe that today’s signing is not just a business collaboration between two companies from Malaysia and Italy but a big step in a joint undertaking of Malaysia and Italy to promote a Greener World, “ Flammini said.


ITRAMAS Technology Sdn. Bhd, a subsidiary of ITRAMAS Corporation Sdn. Bhd., was founded in 1999 as an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) solutions provider that specialises in the management and execution of various applications in the said field. The company has been successful in the ITS industry and in fact, an independent market research conducted by Global Industry Analyst Inc., has listed ITRAMAS as one of the key global ITS key players since 2006.

Its LED lighting business has been established since 1999. ITRAMAS provides technologically advanced LED based products in the traffic, commercial & residential lighting and street lighting segments. All products are designed in-house and assembled in our manufacturing plant located in Perai, Penang. Standard products are: Street Lights, Traffic Lights, General Lighting, Passenger Information Display System and Variable Message Signs.

The company has continued to do extensive R&D in the area of LED lighting as it positions itself to be a major global player in the rapidly growing green or solid state lighting industry. ITRAMAS launched a series of LED-based architectural, landscape and mood lighting products, under the ‘ColorRAY’ brand name with projects in Paris, Beijing, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. With the advent of high efficacy white LEDs, the company launched a series of eco-friendly energy saving general lighting products under the ‘Q-RAY’ brand name for the commercial, residential and public lighting sectors. These products include LED streetlights, downlights and MR16 light bulb replacement.

With its extensive international experience and in-house R&D, ITRAMAS is poised to play a very major role in the green lighting technology sector, not just in Malaysia but globally.

Apart from the setting up of a US-based subsidiary, which services the American market, ITRAMAS has representative offices in various parts of the world, and our key markets include Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Europe, the United States, Panama, Lebanon, Morocco and South Africa.

About FG Group

The Flammini Group was founded in 1975 and specialises in the sectors of motor sports, events, marketing and communications as well as offering services in architecture, engineering and technology. In its more than 30 years of existence, FG Group has carried out over 1000 programs in 5 continents; from programs of marketing and integrated communication to the planning and implementation of great works of engineering and architecture.

Specialised know-how, a high level of professionalism, planning approach and innovative vision are the values and the characteristics which have allowed the FG group to become a consolidated reality, internationally recognised and appreciated.

FG Group is composed of four specialised divisions: FG Sports, FG Events, FG Marketing and FG Tecnopolo. Each division operates in an autonomous manner, but at the same time in synergy with the others. The distinctive character and the competitive advantage of FG Group is represented by the integration in the productive process of the particular expertise of each division. With this flexible approach, FG Group is able to manage highly complex solutions in the best possible way, thus giving a strong impulse to innovation and enhancing creativity.

Its subsidiary FG Tecnopolo which is teaming-up with ITRAMAS in this venture was formed in 2006 as the engineering and technology divisions of the group to expand the activities to the international sphere, diversifying in new sectors and creating a structure that is at the cutting-edge in the area of technology of Italy.


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